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The College has well equipped laboratories in basic sciences and pharmacy so that students can understand effectively, what they have learnt in the classrooms. Experiments are designed so that the basic concepts are well understand by the students. Advanced experiments in the laboratories, help the students to get an insight into the new frontiers of pharmacy and allied sciences.

The computer laboratory of the college is well equipped with the latest computers.

The college laboratory has equipments used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packing. Tabletting machines, coating and polishing pans, bottle filling machines, and Q.C. instruments like friability tester, Disintegration and Dissolution test apparatus, U.V. visible spectrophotometer, HPLC (shimadzu) with U.V.-Florescence detector, are some of the important ones, apart from other modern and sophisticated machines and instructions to update the facilities.

The institution has well equipped research lab with equipments and Instruments like Electrolab six basket dissolution apparatus, Brooke field’s Viscometer, Research centrifuge., Electrolab Tab Density Tester, Shimadzu high sensitivity digital balance computers etc.

An auditorium cum multipurpose hall with about 300 seating capacity is available in the campus. This facility is being used for various functions and meetings as well as indoor games. Campus recruitment activities are also conducted here.

In recognition of the need and importance of internet in the field of education, This facility allows students to access uninterrupted internet connectivity anywhere within the campus.

The college has a Diesel Generator to provide power supply to the Department and Laboratories in times of power supply failure.