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In an emerging global world order, Pathfinder Institute of Pharmacy Education & Research (PIPER) was founded in 2007 with a view to provide higher education in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is committed to enhancing student’s ability to acquire and utilize knowledge. We constantly strive to meet global demand in knowledge, education and learning challenges and opportunities by providing a high standard of pharmacy education with quality faculty who are engaged in both teaching and research.

Our belief in delivering a consistent high standard of education has enabled in meeting the widening demand-supply gap for quality education and growing market need for quality healthcare professionals. Our continuous endeavour to position ourselves as the centre of excellence by stressing high degree of academic rigor and research is aimed at producing scientifically and technically trained persons. Students at PIPER are encouraged to develop skill in group dynamics, debate, persuasion, organization and leadership & management skills.

Our sincere conviction is to provide for the best for students and facilitate them in their overall development.

Mr.N. Venkateshwar Rao, M.Sc, B.Ed
Secretary Cum Correspondent