Areas of Research Interest

Department of Pharmaceutics


Novel Drug Delivery Systems including

Buccal Drug Delivery

Ocular Drug Delivery

Controlled Drug Delivery

Solubilization Techniques for BCS Class II drugs

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems

Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems

Novel Polymers from natural sources in Drug Delivery

BABE Studies

Department of Instrumentational Analysis

  1. Analytical method development and its validation

  2. Standardisation of herbal drugs and cosmetics

  3. Bioanalytical techniques


Department of Phamaceutical Chemistry

  1. Drug discovery

  2. Organic synthesis of medicinal agents

  3. Natural products chemistry

  4. Prodrugs

  5. Topical drug delivery

  6. Peptide chemistry

  7. Molecular modeling

  8. Drug metabolism and molecular toxicology.

Department of Pharmacology


  • Central and peripheral neurotransmission

  • Neurotoxicology

  • Nerve growth factors

  • Neural cytoskeletal elements

  • Psychoactive drugs

  • Drug addiction and alcohol dependence

  • Behavioral pharmacology and the Pharmacology of abused drugs

  • Novel molecules that may ameliorate the effects of drug abuse




Clinical Pharmacology

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology